E is for Everybody - Cooler Kids
This sounds like it should be the soundtrack to some Asian makeup tutorial vid on YouTube, no?

(By the way, there is no makeup tutorial in this post. Sorry to disappoint.)

It is Reading Week and I'm slowly dying. x__x

Enviro Sci - read chapters 4-8, start CSL paper
English - finish Twelfth Night, read Dr. Faustus
Psych - read chapters 12 & 13, write essay summary, do assigned reading, start essay
Soc - read and make notes for chapters 6 & 8, read assigned articles for chapters 6 & 8, complete take-home midterm (EVILEVILEVILstupidstupidstupid), start on annotated bibliography assignment
Classics - start paper

Also: apply to both uni campuses for next year, apply for scholarships, order clothes online, secure a summer job (or two), clean my bathroom.


--- just kidding. I have time to procrastinate, always.


1. This cracks me up. The perfect combination of some of my favourite things: making fun of hipsters (including myself), making fun of Hitler, bad puns, and Helvetica font. I dare you to visit the site and not snicker in derision. I. DARE. YOU.

2. onread.com, aka free books online. Which is perfect, since I always read obscure books no one has ever heard of because I'm SO MIZUNDASTOOD & hip, and they're hard to find in libraries.

(Also, Pink claimed to be "Missundaztood". She wasn't very good at it, though, considering she quickly became a mainstream artist around the time she released the song. Pfft. SELLOUT.)

3. My tumblr, where I post pictures that everyone else I follow is posting from everyone they're following, and so on; this somehow makes me creative and "deep", although it requires no actual effort on my part.

4. I find music here. It's pretty legit. 

5. I may be "scene-crossing" a bit here, but srsly - it's Snorgtees, and that shit's hilarious. (Also, being intelligent, and wearing a shirt boasting as such that only a minority of people find witty, allows me to look down upon those in Abercrombie & Fitch and scoff. 

(**Bonus points for anyone who buys me a shirt. I'm poor. C'mon.)




(1) hibernation.  (2) truth in unexpected places.  (3) paris prom queen.  (4) no second chances.  (5) wrap.  (6) winter sprite.  (7) uncluttered mess.  (8) naive food porn.  (9) necks are sexy. ♥  (10) country bark.

Apparently it's not enough that Albertan winters last for 6 months of the year, because a lovely winter storm has bestowed us all with over a foot of snow and un-drivable roads. Whatever, no big deal. It's not like I have COMMITMENTS or anything.




Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
After seeing a YouTube link on a friend's Facebook page yesterday showing Nirvana kickin' ass on some MTV show, and then watching enough Daria to make me permanently sarcastic and bitingly jaded, I realized how much I wish I were the age I am now in the early 90s, when grunge and rock n' roll ruled the school. Sigh. I can always hope for a revival... (if you want to make the process go faster, please do go here and immediately start buying flannel shirts in bulk).

Oh yeah, and none of that Taylor Momsen plaid shit. She's just a dirty hooker, let's be honest.

Touch Me I'm Sick - Mudhoney

Black - Pearl Jam

Man in the Box - Alice in Chains

Violet - Hole

Plush - Stone Temple Pilots

Hip Like Junk - 7 Year Bitch

Do you see the a grunge revival in the future? Do you like grunge music/denim cutoffs/"I-don't-give-a-fuck-what-I-look-like-or-what-people-think-of-me" attitudes/excess plaid, or do you hate it more than math class in summer school? 
Pls comment. xo :)